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Are you feeling like your practice has peaked at your current firm and that perhaps you need a different platform from which to further expand your practice?

Is your current firm providing adequate associate, paralegal, secretarial or marketing support?

Are the priorities of your firm consistent with your own priorities or those required to most effectively serve your clients?

Are you being compensated fairly based on your overall contributions to your firm?

Are client conflicts with other partners or institutional clients adversely affecting your ability to generate business?

Is your firm being effectively managed and positioned to prosper in the years ahead?

Mazie & Company has extensive experience assisting individual partners and practice groups in assessing career options. Our primary role is to educate partners about options they may not be familiar with and to identify where your contributions would be most valued. We provide you with tools to evaluate and compare opportunities including a detailed list of specific questions addressing such issues as firm governance, financial history, capital contribution and red-flags of which to be aware.

We understand the business and economics of the legal profession. Our successful experiences, our longstanding relationships in the legal community and our historical perspective on law firms uniquely qualify us as search consultants.

Contact Mazie & Company to receive your copy of our law firm evaluation tool, a list proven effective by other lateral partners with whom we've worked.


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